May 28, 2014

shop#93 Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya, Soramachi

This is the same shop as shop#29 but located in Soramachi, selling fake foods to display. You can get a making kit to make Fruit parfait or shaved ice. It must be fun. Wanna try? 

shop#92 Men Yamato

This is a limited time shop during this summer until August 31, 2014, located on the 4th floor of Asakusa Ekimise. MEN in the shop name has two meanings; one is male and the other is cotton (men in Japanese). That means they are selling men's Yukata (Kimono wearing in summer). Kimono is traditionally made of silk, but Yukata is made of cotton.

Try Yukata when you go to see fireworks this summer!

May 25, 2014

shop#91 Mamegui

Mamegui is a sister store of Kamawanu. They sell fabrics colorfully dyed and sewed in 27 centimeters square. You can use it as a cloth to cover or wrap something, as a table napkin or as a dish towel. It is great for a gift.

May 23, 2014

shop#90 Merrifactury

Merrifactury is a shop for icing cookies with message. Some of these are using Japanese motifs or Kanji (Japanese characters). Messages on the cookies are, for example, Arigato (thank you), Omedeto (congratulations; happy birthday), Gokakukigan (wishing a good luck on the exam), Gomen (sorry).

shop#89 Dagashi-Yumeya

In my childhood (early 70's), there are lots of Dagashi-ya, a shop selling cheap sweets for children. Many of these were 10 yen or 20 yen, so children practiced to calculate to buy some Dagashi grasping 50 yen coin. Dagashiya in old time is reproduced at Shitamachi Museum in Ueno.

Though it is difficult to find Dagashiya in a town recently, you will find them in some shopping centers. At Dagashi-Yumeya in Soramachi, it will be fun to find your favorite from a large amount of Dagashi.

May 22, 2014

shop#88 Nippon-Ichi

This shop is produced by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten whose headquarter is in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan. It sells renovated traditional goods and crafts. Dish cloths are very popular recently and the one in the picture is a limited design sold only at the Tokyo Skytree. 

May 21, 2014

shop#87 Sukeroku

Sukeroku is a Japanese traditional toy shop. All items are unique and available only in this shop. Located on the Nakamise Street. 

shop#86 Izumiya (senbei shop)

Though there are some shops named Izumiya in Asakusa, this, located on the Asakusa Kuwannon Street, is a shop of Senbei (rice cracker), which is beautifully displayed. 

shop#85 Ufufu

This newly-opened shop in Asakusa sells things designed by old Edo patterns. In this shop, you can experience stencil dyeing. It takes just an hour or so. 

Price for Stencil Dyeing:

coaster 800 yen
handkerchief 1,300 yen
book cover 2,700 yen
bag (small) 2,000 yen
bag (middle) 2,500 yen

May 15, 2014

shop#84 Nishimura

Shoryutei-Nishimura is a Japanese sweets shop located between Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center and Kameju, just in front of Kaminarimon. Nishimura started business in Asakusa in 1854. My recommendation is Hagoromo, which is a sponge cake stuffed with jam or butter cream.

May 14, 2014

shop#83 Kameju

Kameju is famous for Dorayaki, so to speak, a pancake sandwich stuffed with the sweet Azuki bean paste. These are usually sold out in the early afternoon, so if you come to Asakusa in the morning, I deeply recommend to try my favorite Dorayaki. Hope you find no (or less) lines. Located in front of Kaminarimon.

shop#82 Kamawanu

First of all, the name of this shop (Kamawanu) is difficult to read (~~; The logo consists of three parts; a picture of sickle (Kama), a image of circle (Wa) and a Japanese character "Nu".

The display now is Sanja Matsuri version. Find your favorite Tenugui (Japanese towel) from 200 patterns.

May 12, 2014

shop#81 Hantenya

This shop is at the street of Denpoin-dori. You can buy various Matsuri goods.

The bearers of each Mikoshi should wear the special Hanten (outfit) assigned from each block associations. However, you will feel like you are part of our community if you wear Matsuri outfit.

shop#80 Nakaya Honten

Sanja Matsuri is held in May. Before Matsuri, we have to check if the costumes for Matsuri are well prepared. Nakaya is one of the shops for Matsuri outfits. There are two shops in Asakusa and the other is at Nakamise.

May 5, 2014

shop#79 Toyofuku

Next to Asakusa Menchi is Toyofuku; the shop for Curry Pan (buns stuffed with curry source). It is very good.

shop#78 Asakusa Menchi

There is always a long line waiting to buy Asakusa Menchi (minced meat croquette). Crispy and juicy.

May 3, 2014

shop#77 Haneda

May 5th is the Children's Day (Kodomo-no-hi) when parents celebrate their children's happiness. Though Asakusabashi is a famous place where many doll shops for Hinamatsuri (girls' day) or Kodomo-no-hi are located, I found cute dolls at Haneda. The shop is located at Metro-Dori in Asakusa.

May 2, 2014

shop#76 Wakana

If you want to have postcards, envelops or Origami using Japanese papers, visit this shop. You will also find small dolls originally made by doll designers. The shop is located at Aasakusa Kwannon Street.