Dec 30, 2013

shop#14 Hanatoh

You may see a craftswoman drawing on paper lanterns in this shop. Make your original.

shop#13 Kanaya-brush

You can buy all kinds of brush here from a toothbrush to a groom. A set of crocodile, turtle, mouse (maybe) and pig made by scrubbing brush welcomes you.

Dec 29, 2013

shop#12 MoriGin

GIN means silver. They sell silver and gold handmade goods from a silver toothpick to gold bathtub! At this shop, you can order a name tag curved your name in 3 weeks.

shop#11 Tsujiya-Honten

Here is a Japanese shoe shop; SETTA, GETA or ZORI. Guys wearing Setta instead of flip-flops in summer are so cool. When you choose Setta, the same size of your foot is not good. A little smaller than your foot is cool and stylish.

(moved to Denboin Street in December 2014)

shop#10 Maekawa Inden

Bags and wallets are made by deerskin patterned by lacquer. INDEN means "introduced from India" in 17th century.

shop#9 Hakocho

These are beautifully carved and dressed furniture and goods made by paulownia wood. Hakocho is established in 1874.

shop#8 Kanesoh

They sell and repair many kinds of knives or scissors, professionally crafted.

shop#7 Bunsen-do

This is a store of Japanese fans. Famous KABUKI actors or RAKUGO storytellers are their customers.

shop#6 Hayashi-ya

Here is a Japanese furniture store. A black Labrador Retriever, GON, always welcome you. I really love this white and black medicine chest.

shop#5 Ojima

EDO KIRIKO is a colored glassware engraved with many beautiful patterns. If you want to experience, there is another place in Sumida-ku called "Sumida Edo Kiriko-kan."

shop#4 Fujiya

Do you know Japanese Towel TENUGUI? You can use it as a towel, a wrapping of a wine bottle, a tablecloth, a scarf and so on. There are a lots of patterns such as rabbit, Kaminarimon or next year's calendar.

shop#3 Bengara

You can buy a ready-made NOREN, a curtain to hung at the entrance of a room or a shop. You can order your original using your name or logo.

shop#2 Yagenbori

This is the shop selling Japanese spice TOGARASHI. There are 7 flavors; red pepper, baked red pepper, black sesami, Japanese pepper SANSHO, hemp seed, poppy seed and dried cytrus peel. You can order the rate of the mixture and hotnees.

shop#1 Kiryu-do

This is a store specializing in strings but you also find cute little Japanese handmade gifts.