Mar 22, 2015

New Shopping Building: ROX-3G

The new shopping building, ROX-3G, has just opened. There are 30 shops in 4 floors. For example,

1F: restaurants (Ramen, Tendon, Itarian), cafe, ice cream shop, popcorn shop, and various goods

2F: drug store, Kimono shop, shoes shop, Shabu-shabu restaurant (coming soon)

3F: Nitori (home), Aoyama (suits)

4F: Shimamura (home and cloths), Sports wear shop

5F: Futsal court

Mar 21, 2015

shop#175 Lemon Pie

There is a cake shop, famous for a lemon pie in Shitamachi. The name of the shop is just "Lemon Pie." It's kind of a small shop but you can buy handmaid and yummy cakes. The shop is located near Tawaramachi Station (next to Asakusa, Ginza line).

Mar 17, 2015

Jigene at Sensoji

Today (March 17), we have the event called Jigene at Sensoji, Asakusa.
Three Mikoshi of Asakusa Shrine spend a night at Sensoji Temple. It is something like one night excursion for the gods of Asakusa Shrine.