Dec 26, 2014

Cafe W.E

Cafe W.E is located on the bank of the Sumida River in the Sumida Park, 5 minutes walk from Asakusa Station. You can enjoy a nice river view from the window. Roast Beef Sandwich is my recommendation.

Cafe W.E

Dec 25, 2014

shop#170 Studio Nana-iro

Would you like to transform into a beautiful Oiran in Kimono or a cool Samurai? At Studio Nana-iro opened in Asakusa, you can change into Kimono and take photos by a photographer. Nana-iro means seven colors, which means various in Japanese.

1. Make reservation at
2. Confirm the plan at the reception.
3. Select Kimono.
4. Hair setting and make-up.
5. Wear Kimono.
6. Photograph.
7. Get Photos.

Shop website

Dec 19, 2014

shop#169 Karin Karin

Karin Karin is a Japanese sweets shop selling Karinto, which is a fried thin cookies. Traditional Karinto is just sugary but there are about 20 flavors for this shops' Karinto, such as matcha, sesame, almond, cinnamon, burdock, blueberry or even curry.

Dec 2, 2014

shop#168 COURAGE

Courage is a small bakery in Asakusa Kaminarimon street. Asakusa-Ampan is one of my favorite sweet bread, which is filled with whipped cream and red bean jam. Talking of Ampan in Asakusa, you may remind Andesu-Matoba, locating back of Sensoji. As there are dozens of kinds of Ampan there, it is fun to choose. However, Ampan of Courage is different from any Ampan of Andesu-Matoba and it is very good. Please try!

230 yen