Mar 30, 2014

shop#57 Ame-shin

Here is the studio making Japanese candies "Amezaiku" extremely detailed. You can enjoy the performance making beautifully shaped Amezaiku and can make your own by yourself (an instruction is Japanese only). The shop is in front of Imado Shrine, Taito-ku, 10 minutes walk from Asakusa Station. Please make a call whether the shop is open before you visit.

Website (Japanese only)

Mar 28, 2014

shop#56 Karen

I looked for men's Kimono around Asakusa and found very nice one, Denim Kimono, which made by the same texture as jeans. Threfore, you can wash it at home using washing machine. The fabric is stretchable and does not wrinkle. The style is not only traditional but also modern.

Ladies 31,500 yen (5 sizes)
 with embroidery 42,000 yen
 with pattern 52,500 yen

Mens 36,750 yen (3 sizes)

 ※ Full tailor-made: plus 10,500 yen

It takes 30 days because it is tailor-made, but if you want to have a first Kimono, this should be your choice. You can also find the fabrics of genuine silk to order your Kimono.

Mar 27, 2014

shop#55 Licca

"Gamaguchi" means a change purse. It has metal parts that look like the mouth of frog (Gama is a kind of frogs). In Japan frogs are sometimes regarded as a lucky charm to earn money. That is why these type of purse were used from Meiji Era. They are all made-in-Japan.

shop#54 FU-WA-RI

If you like wooden goods, here is the best place to find various wooden plates and bowls.

Mar 24, 2014

shop#53 soi

Here is a specialty store collecting antiques and some Japanese designers' tableware, stationery and furniture. The shop is located on the second floor of Kappabashi Coffee.

Mar 23, 2014

shop#52 Eritan

This shop is at the street of Shin-Nakamise, selling OBI (belt), TABI (socks), KINCHAKU (bag) and other goods for Kimono. More than 90 years has passed since it was opened in Asakusa.

Mar 17, 2014

shop#51 Kamata Hakensha

This knife shop is established in 1923. An artisan will engrave your name on the knife free of charge while you are waiting to sharpen the knife you bought. Kamata is one of the popular knife shops in Kappa-bashi Tool Street.

shop#50 Mikura

When you choose your chopsticks, the shop recommends that the ideal length is 1.5 inch (3 or 4 centimeters) longer than the length of your palm (from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger). Choose your favorite ones here.

Mar 16, 2014

shop#49 Iida

It is fun to find your favorite kitchen tools. There is thousands of such tools here including funny tools you have never seen. For example, a remover of strawberry calyxes, a laddle keeper to put on a pot, a tofu cutter, a Miso muddler or a tool to make a small hall on an eggshell (in order to peel the shell easily). Ms. Iida, the shop owner, is a very friendly lady^^ 

Mar 12, 2014

shop#48 Komatsuya

You can find a various kinds of Ramen Donburi here. 
According to their website, when the big earthquake hit Tokyo in 1923, the big fire occured around here. The building was collapsed but they put the products in the river in front of the shop to save them. You can see the old photo in Taisho era at their website.

Mar 10, 2014

shop#47 Sumida Machidokoro

Here you can get information about industry, culture, history, sightseeing and gourmet of Sumida-ku and buy Sumida-made crafts. There is a performance of traditional crafts everyday. The photo is Musashimaru, who was the sumo wrestler from Hawaii. Now you can experience to make indigo dyed handkerchief by Friday (March 14th) at the cost of 1,500 yen.
(Soramachi 5th floor, Tokyo SkyTree Town)

shop#46 Kawahara Shoten

Look at the bunch of junk sweets (Dagashi)! These are "UMAIBO," one of the popular Dagashi in Japan. In this shop, a pack of 30 Umaibo costs just 252 yen^^ so reasonable. Umaibo has a lots of flavors. According to the survey by Lawson, the top five is as follows:
No.1 Corn Potage
No.2 Mentaiko
No.3 Cheese
No.4 Takoyaki
No.5 Pizza

You can also buy many kinds of junk sweets by the box other than Umaibo. Do not miss this place, when you come to Kappa-bashi Tool Street.

Mar 8, 2014

shop#45 Hello Kitty Japan

At Shitamachi, Hello Kitty is dressed in Kimono 
This shop is located on the 4th floor of Soramachi, the Sky Tree Town.

Mar 7, 2014

shop#44 Kanzashiya-wargo

Kanzashi is Japanese traditional hair accessories when women do up their hair. This shop is located on the 4th floor of Soramachi, the Sky Tree Town. Very cute and modern but the shape is traditional.

shop#43 Tonya-Kokubu

This is a showroom of a food wholeseler in Soramachi 5F at Sky Tree Town. It is fun to see lots of soy source and Miso. You may enjoy a brand-new canned food with Sake here.

Mar 2, 2014

shop#42 Marushima

You can order various types of KIFUDA, a name tag written on a plate of ebony, red sandalwood or zelkova tree. These are all handwritten by Marushima-san, the shopkeeper, so that you can have an unique and original KIFUDA.