Aug 31, 2014

shop#137 Touho-Bairindo

Bairindo is a shop of roasted beans, the perfect snacks with a glass of beer. It is located just passing through Kaminarimon gate on the left.

Aug 29, 2014

shop#136 Yamatomi

Yamatomi is a Kimono shop having an appearance of the one in old times, which is located in the Denbouin-Dori. You can order your own from your favorite texture. You can also find Yukata and Sensu (Japanese fan).

Aug 27, 2014

shop#135 Kimuraya Honten

Kimuraya Honten is located at the nearest to Sensoji within Nakamise street. This is the oldest Ningyoyaki shop in Asakusa according to their website.

* Ningyoyaki is a sponge cake in various shapes filled with/without red bean paste.

Aug 26, 2014

shop#134 Asahina Nenju

Nenju or Juzu is a Buddhist rosary. Most of Japanese bring it to a funeral to pray that the soul may rest in peace, even if they are not Buddhists. It is kind of a Japanese custom beyond religion. It also has a meaning of protecting from evil. At Asahina Nenju, you can order your own Nenju.

Aug 25, 2014

shop#133 Asakusa Silk Pudding

Do you like custard pudding? You can choose from many flavors at Asakusa Silk Pudding, such as coffee, sesame and cheese as well as caramel and standard custard. Two shops are in asakusa area and a cafe is in Komagata (5 mins from Kaminarimon). Name of the cafe is TestaRossa Cafe.

Aug 23, 2014

Aug 22, 2014

shop#132 Green Bell (will be closed)

Unfortunately, the shop will be closed on May 29, 2015.

This Ice cream shop in Asakusa is different. Try vegetable ice cream such as tomato, celery, ginger. If you have a courage, try natto, umeboshi or edamame^^

Aug 21, 2014

shop#131 Umezono

Umezono started business in Asakusa in 1854. It has a Japanese sweets shop facing a street and a cafe inside. There are many kinds of desserts using Anko (red bean jam) or Mochi (rice cake) as well as Manju or Dorayaki (bean jam pancake).

Aug 19, 2014

shop#130 Shimura Seisakusho

You will find goods of interior decorations i.e., a jukebox and English signs as if you are in the film of American Graffiti. Located in Kappabashi Tool Street.

Aug 16, 2014

shop#129 Kocho

Kocho sells antique and recycle Kimonos at a reasonable price. On this rooftop, a thief called Nezumi-Kozo is hiding. He is a kind of hero in Edo era, who stole money from rich people and give it to poor people.

Aug 14, 2014

shop#128 Funawa

There are 8 shops including 2 cafes only in Asakusa. The main store is located on the corner of Shin-Nakamise and Asakusa Orange Street. In summer, soft-cream is popular but I recommend Imo-Yokan, a Japanese sweet made of sweet potatoes.

Aug 13, 2014

shop#127 INOUT

This newly-opened shop is produced by architects of a design company in Higashi Nihonbashi. Recently, this area is one of the places where creative people start to gather. The concept is to connect the indoor life with the outdoor life, which is environment-friendly.

street#1 Kappabashi Dougu Gai (Kappabashi Tool Street)

Kappabashi Tool Street is about 800 meter long and has more than 150 stores of tools and furniture relating to kitchen or restaurant. At the entrance of this street (at the corner of Asakusa Boulevard and Kappabashi Tool Street), a chef wearing a cook hat welcomes you.

These are Shokuhin Sample (fake foods) made of wax to display at restaurants.

Aug 12, 2014

shop#126 Nao

Experience Ukiyoe Woodblock Printing here. It takes about 30 mins to an hour. You can buy a ticket at Sakai-Kokodo Yamafuji (shop#22) on Nakamise Street, where is selling printings of Ukiyoe, or go directly to Nao.

Time: everyday between 12:00 and 15:30.
Price: 1,000 yen


Sakai-Kokodo Yamafuji

Aug 9, 2014

shop#125 kinari

This is a shop selling Tombo-Dama made of glass. Tombo means dragonfly and Dama (Tama) means a ball, in this case, bead. It is derived from a eye of dragonfly which is similar to the blue Tombo-Dama with white flower design.

This is my bracelet, which I made using Tombo-Dama. At this shop, there are various kinds not only standard round or oval ones but also animal-shaped ones i.e., panda or frog.

shop#124 Matsuki Shoten

Another Hanabi shop in Kuramae. You can choose from 700 kinds of Hanabi here.

Aug 8, 2014

shop#123 cocomo

You can be a beautiful Oiran, Maiko or Geisha and a cool Samurai or Shinsengumi here, wearing Kimono.

Plans for example (from their website):
 Samurai, Shinsengumi or Tonosama 15,800 yen with photo shooting
 Maiko, Geisha or Japanese bride  19,800 yen with photo shooting
 Oiran  25,800 yen with photo shooting
 + 1 hour walking  4,000 yen
 + 4 hour walking  6,000 yen

Aug 7, 2014

shop#122 east side tokyo

This is a shop for someone who love flowers, especially artificial flowers, dried flowers and preserved flowers as well as flower vases and wrapping papers. Artificial flowers are very beautiful and look like real flowers.

shop#121 Hasegawa Shoten

Hasegawa Shoten is now selling Hanabi: skyrocket or sparklers. They sell dolls in spring, Hanabi in summer and Christmas decorations in fall and winter.

In summer, there are many fireworks festivals all over Japan, but it is fun to have a Hanabi party at your own place. In Asakusabashi and Kuramae, there are many wholesalers selling Hanabi and at some stores, you can buy these at a reasonable price.

Please be careful where you can play with these Hanabi and make sure you prepare a bucket of water.

Aug 5, 2014

shop#120 Nadeshiko

Try Kimono at Nadeshiko, which is located in front of Hanayashiki, the oldest amusement park in Japan. You can experience tea ceremony wearing Kimono here.

Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.